Caroline Mesquita, The Ballad part II, 221A, Canada (Opens Saturday, April 1)


Max Ruf, Haus 8, now online here:


Jan Kiefer, HONEYBAKED, Soloshow, SALTS, Basel, CH (opens 18th February 2017)


Jan Kiefer, Look all this is fraud, Milieu Bern, CH
(opens 11th February 2017)


Caroline Mesquita, The Ballad, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris (opens 23rd January 2017)


Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan, Jerwood solo presentations, Jerwood Space, London (opens 17th January, 2017)




Max Ruf STADT, Murias Centeno (opens 15th November 2016)


Jan Kiefer You Takin’ to me Barbara Seliers, Zurich, (opens 24th November 2016)


Aleksander Hardashnakov, Jan Kiefer, Caroline Mesquita & Urara Tsuchiya, Paris Internationale, Paris, Fr, (19-23 October 2016)


Julie Born Schwartz, Screening ‘The Invisible Voice’ at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt as part of Double Feature (26th October)


Jan Kiefer, Giles, group show, Gagosian Gallery, Athens (opens 22nd September, 2016)


Jan Kiefer, Zermatt Groove, solo show, Zabriskie Point, Geneva (opens 24th September, 2016)


Jan Kiefer, in Performing Ground, invited by SALTS, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst – E-Werk Freiburg, (opens 9th September, 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, Pink Everywhere, Kunstverein Langenhagen, (opens 4th September, 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, Jupiter Art Land outdoor commission, with Hayley Tompkins & Christian Boltanski, Jupiter Art Land, Edinburgh, Scotland (opens Saturday 30th July)


Jan Kiefer, duo show with Robert Brambora, Kunstverein Wiesen, Germany (opens Monday 1st August, 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, screening of Some blue in my mouth, Beverly’s, NY (opens Thursday June 2)


Liste Art Fair, Basel, 2016 with new works by Alfred Boman and Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan


Jan Kiefer, Swiss Art Awards, Basel (opens Monday 13th June, 2016)


Jan Kiefer & Max Ruf, Toujours, duo show, Parkhaus, Düsseldorf (opens Friday 27th May, 2016)


Max Ruf, Description of a castle, solo show, THE LOON, Toronto (opens Friday 29th April, 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, solo show, MOT International, Brussels (opens March 17 – April 24 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, I pledge allegiance, group show, On Stellar Rays, New York City, US, (opens 28 February 2016)


Caroline Mesquita, Lodos, Material Art Fair, Mexico City (February 4-7 2016)


Max Ruf artist in residence at Lucile Avenue, Los Angeles (Jan – Feb, 2016)


Julie Born Schwartz has been confirmed on the Mahler & LeWitt residency in Spoleto this summer in June and July


Max Ruf, Italy, group show, Watch it gallery, London (opens 11 December 2015)


Jan Kiefer, Kästen, solo show, Milieu Berne, CH (opens 5 December 2015) 


Jan Kiefer, Natural Instincts, group show, curated by Samuel Leuenberger, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, CH (opens 4 December 2015)


Alfred Boman, solo show, Johan Berggren, Malmo, S (opens November 26th 2015)


Jan Kiefer, group show, Kunstkredit, Kunsthalle Basel, CH (opens 8 November 2015)


Caroline Mesquita & Max Ruf, Paris Internationale, Paris, Fr, (20-24 October 2015) 


Jan Kiefer, Sunday Art Fair, London, UK, (17-20 September 2015)


Caroline Mesquita & Max Ruf, ABC, Art Berlin Contemporary, Berlin, DE, (14-18 October 2015)


Caroline Mesquita, Mon Horizontalité (group show), Untilthen, Saint-Ouen, FR, (Opens 5 July 2015)


Alfred Boman, Untitled Group show to include: Zoe Barcza, Mark Delong, Jay Isaac, Tiziana La Melia, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Toronto, CAN., (opens 23 July 2015)


Jan Kiefer, Project Award, Kunstkredit, Basel, CH (opens June 2015)


Julie Schwartz, Young Danish Photography 14 Phototek, Esbjerg, DK (opens 4 September 2015)


Caroline MesquitaBal (solo show), SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy (opens 23 May 2015)


Max Ruf, Jac Leirner, Albert Baronian, Brussels, Belgium (opens 11 March 2015)


Jan Kiefer, Comment-please, sic!, Lucerne, CH (opens 21 March 2015)


Jan Kiefer and Dora Celentano, Slash Hoffnung, Belle Air / New Bretagne, Essen, Germany (opens 13 March 2015)


Caroline Mesquita, Windsurfers (solo show), Carlier Gebauer, Berlin, Germany (opens 21 March 2015)


Caroline Mesquita, Sloths (solo show), Pavillon du Centre d’art du Parc Saint Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux, France (opens 13 March 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, Futurologics , Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France (14 February 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, Turibulum Game Plan , Lychee One, London, UK (28 February 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, Social Choreography , Tenderpixel, London, UK (5-7 March 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, The Red Mansion Art Prize , Slade Research Centre, London, UK (19-27 March 2015)


Jan KieferWe proudly present SALTS proudly presents, Salts at Kunstraum Riehen, Basel, CH (18 December 2015, 6.30 pm)


Jan Kiefer and Max RufNimm’s mal easy, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel (January 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, Lige ved Næsten , Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig, Denmark (January 2015)


Julie Born Schwartz, Vi tager intet ansvar 3, Exhibition Space Q, Copenhagen, Denmark (December 2014)


Julie Born Schwartz, Jonas Julekort, Atelier September, Copenhagen, Denmark (December 2014)


Jan KieferArt Award, Kunstkredit Basel, CH (November 2014)


Max RufA two-dimensional surface without any articulation is a dead experience, including: Pedro Caetano, Alessandro Carano, Adriano Costa, Jac Leirner, Giangiacomo Rossetti and Pedro Wirz, BeatTricks, Milan, IT (November 2014)


Max RufBunkering in Paradise / The Rest of Us Just Live in It, including Adriano Costa and Sebastian Lloyd Rees, Turin, IT (November 2014)


Julie Born Schwartz, The dispute and the inquiry that followed (screening),  Kunstfilmtage, Dusseldorf, DE (November 2014)


Julie Born Schwartz, Young Danish Photography 14,  Photographic Center, Copenhagen, DK (November 2014)


Jan Kiefer, Postcodes: Kind, Coletor, São Paulo, BR (September 2014)


Jan KieferI Never Read, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tokyo, JP (September 2014)


Jan Kiefer,New Associations, SALTS, Basel, CH (October 2014)


Max Ruf, 06:45, Murias Centeno, Lisbon, PT (solo / September 2014)


Julie Born Schwartz, Red Gate Residency, Beijing, CN (August 2014)


Julie Born SchwartzOpening Times online residency (with launch on 16 December 2014), Digital Art Commissions, UK (2014)